Simple Things and Joseph Kony

I have not been surprised at the diverse and passionate reaction to the Joseph Kony 2012 video, viewed by more than 80 million people as of last night, with accusations of everything from overreaction to his being a “CIA contractor.”  I can comprehend the anguish.  When I went to Kenya in 2007, I was overwhelmed by the sight of tens of thousands of people living in the slums of Nairobi, and the complexities of a country whose history I only began to understand.  I chose a humble approach, assuming I knew nothing and had few answers.  I also know that only the people of a place can finally discover the answers for their nation.

That said, children and their vulnerability are worth thinking about, profoundly.  Reflecting on this drew up some memories from 2007.  I’ll let my pictures tell my thousand words, along with a picture from two Sundays ago.  At the least, we can pay attention, pray, and advocate for children throughout the world.  Pray for the children of Africa and leaders who are seeking peace and justice.   It doesn’t hurt to get upset about it.  All of the world’s children deserve safety, enough food to live, and a home where they are loved.

Immediately following our emotional reactions come the complexities–what should be done?  The United States is, to say the least, exhausted with foreign adventures at the moment, not to mention the sensitivity of Westerners swooping in to “solve” other countries’ problems.  Once you enter another country and its people, you are immediately ushered into “problems” that do not lend to simple solutions.  But something can always be done.  Prayers for leaders to do the very best thing…

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Gary is a musician, writer and Christian minister living in Alabama.

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