COMING UP SMA on Dugger Mountain Theater

Shades Mountain Air on “Dugger Mountain Music Hall,”

ALABAMA PUBLIC TELEVISION (APTV) Tuesday, June 27 at 10:30 pm

Back in May, Shades Mountain Air (myself, Nancy McLemore, Don Wendorf, Greg Womble and Melanie Rodgers) loaded up and traveled to Dugger Mountain Music Hall in Piedmont, Alabama. It sits in as unlikely a spot as the crossroads where the boys in “O Brother Where Art Thou” picked up Tommy Johnson on the way to Tishomingo. DMMH came from the vision and ministry of Bob McLeod, a talented and charismatic former professional musician and studio engineer.  Following a profound personal spiritual crisis, Bob McLeod began to seek to minister to people in trouble–in prisons, jails, streets, and those caught in addiction.

Eventually he established Dugger Mountain Music Hall as the public face of Our Father’s Arms, where they take in people in need of help.   He describes the place as “a Christ centered family.” It is located in the middle of open country north of Anniston, Alabama in a former Baptist church that had ceased to exist. The building was given to him for a ministry, and he brought together his love of music with the ministry.  Fast forward, now the facilities include a 30 acre farm with a home for men; a 3 acre home nearby for women, mothers and their children known as Eagles Nest; and a state-of-the-art recording studio, offices, fellowship hall and the Dugger Mountain Music Hall. In 2010, the television program was born.  On the nights of performances, they open the doors to welcome the community, enjoy supper and bands and performers, some touring through and others from nearby places in Alabama, perform.

The edited program is broadcast on APTV, Alabama’s Public station, and can be seen on The Heartland Network, The WALK Network and  Irish TV in Europe and Asia.  That’s quite a wide audience from a simple beginning. Having performed for the last twenty years a couple hundred times in every kind of setting from outdoor stadiums and festivals to churches, universities and banquet halls, this turned out to be one of the most intimate, professionally operated and joyful places I have ever played.  The crew was first rate and the audience appreciative.

Our show will be aired on APTV and affiliates on next Tuesday, June 27 at 10:30 pm.  Set your DVR or tune in with us if you have access to one of the networks above.  Should be a great time.  I know we had one!

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Gary is a musician, writer and Christian minister living in Alabama.

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