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You can help us maintain and upgrade the work of the ACHMC with your tax deductible donation. ALL money is used for the Coalition's work. Our board is all volunteer. You will receive a receipt for your gift and we are a 501c3 not for profit.



Dear Friends,

A few years ago, I helped start The Alabama Coalition for Healthy Mothers and Children.  We created a database of faith-based organizations and not-for profit organizations to assist mothers and children in Alabama get off to the best start in life they can.  It has evolved into a pretty comprehensive gathering of help resources for people to find what they need without looking on fifty websites or making a hundred calls.  Check out our website!

App headerDownload the app to your phone.  We’re on the Apple Store and Google Play Store! We share this information with the public at no cost so that people seeking to help themselves and their children to a better life can find the help they need.  I want to invite your organization to be part of this project by listing your information on the website and app. If you are someone in Alabama who is on hard times, or helping someone else, information is your ally!  We can help. The health department of every county in Alabama is on here. So is every hospital!  And we are adding other resources every day.

This is free of charge. We exist to help those seeking to make a difference have a platform to make themselves known in their community and for people in need to cut through the thickets of information to find you and help themselves to a better life.

This is a 501c3 not for profit that operates purely by donations of supporters. We are not selling anything or asking for money. We want to help the helpers do the work.

We have a link where you can enter the information for your organization. (see the post here)

Our goal is to be a virtual meeting place for the people of faith and good will in our state to help mothers and children live healthy, productive and happy lives.  There is an abundance of help and good programs out there.  What is difficult is to find them sometimes.

We give this away free to the public through libraries, helping agencies and faith organizations. You are welcome to give it away, too.  Congregations, faith groups, public health programs and not for profits all have a place here. Be part of the new neighborhood as we seek to be first in the nation in working effectively to welcome little ones to the best and healthiest lives possible.

Dr. Gary Furr

Chair, Alabama Coalition for Healthy Mothers and Children