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“Through his psalm-like collection of writings, he captures the melancholy and mourning of the year of 2020, while simultaneously holding a lantern for a way forward, for today and years to come.”

Jenny Eaton Dyer, PhD, The 2030 Collaborative

“…a colorful mosaic of Christian wisdom and encouragement written in language that is unfailingly fresh. A major thread running through his ministry during that dark year is Christian hope which, like rain, “finds every leaf and gives it a drink.”

Fisher Humphreys, Professor of Divinity, Emeritus, Samford University

Here is authentic, pandemic-produced piety that stills the soul. It is a reminder of the spiritual gifts imposed by the virus: silence and solitude, a lighter load, new visions and innovations, and our aching, throbbing need for each other. Read it slowly. You will stop often, sometimes lingering long, to ponder your existence, to confront your moral shortfall, to pray for a nurse, or to remember the wall-to-wall pain in our world. They should have taught us to pray like this in seminary.

         —Walter B. Shurden, Minister-at-Large at Mercer University


available on, but for direct order or autographed copies, click the links below or email me.

Poems, Prayers and Unfinished Promises

Published by Parsons Porch Mossy Creek Press, you can order from their site. For an author’s copy, click above and you can pay online. I’ll ship to you! This is a devotional book for church people or seekers. A collection of song lyrics, prayers given on Sundays and poetry written from Advent to Easter. It’s designed for anyone and entries are short so you can pick it up and put it down.

Encountering God In the Prayers of Others

This is a collection of short reflections on prayers from Christian history that have inspired the authors, all veteran pastors, theologians and believers. A wide array of choices and topics. Gary has eight selections. A great way to meet significant writers whose words help us give voice to our longings. Edited by Paul Basden.

Ties That Bind

Originally written as a personal project in Christian spirituality, Gary and friend Curtis Freeman pulled together writers from across Baptist life to ask, “What is the essence of Baptist spirituality?” Often used over the past twenty plus years as a seminary text, it has continued relevance.

The Dialogue of Worship 

Dr. Milburn Price and Dr. Gary Furr served on staff together for ten years as Minister of Music and Worship and Pastor. They co-wrote this little book together to ask the question, “What is the core of good worship and how do we put it together for the church week by week?” Rather than an argument about styles of music or whose worship will come first, this little book asks, “What are the simplest and truest elements that constitute true worship in every setting?”

For Faith and Friendship    at Insight Press

Dedicated to a late friend, this book is a series of chapters on various topics of the Christian life, including how their faith has grown and changed over the years while retaining the core of what is eternal. Gary’s chapter is the story of his journey into a deeper understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit and the love of God and where that took his life in the early years of his ministry.

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  1. Hey Gary. Loved the article on Carson Newman
    I was a member of the cafeteria family and remember when heather was born. I have no idea how I stumbled on your blog but I’m glad I did. Good articles. Sue Norman Griffith

    1. How wonderful to “hear” from you again, Sue! What a wonderful place and time. I love CN and have vowed to be a better alumni in the future for her. Hope you’re well and welcome to “The Flatpickin’ Pilgrim.” Come again often!

  2. Hi Gary,

    Your website:

    Is set up to redirect to instead of I assume it’s a mistake but wanted to let you know since we are seeing the requests hit our domain.



  3. The pilgrims learn of Madame Bubble who created the Enchanted Ground and Forgetful Green, a place in the Valley of Humiliation where the flowers make other pilgrims forget about God’s love. Christiana, Matthew, Joseph, Samuel, James, Mercy, Greatheart, Mr. Feeble-Mind, and Mr. Ready-To-Halt come to Bypath-Meadow and, after much fight and difficulty, slay the cruel Giant Despair and the wicked Giantess Diffidence, and demolish Doubting Castle for Christian and Hopeful who were oppressed there. They free a pale man named Mr. Despondency and his daughter named Much-Afraid from the castle’s dungeons.

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