Poems, Prayers and Unfinished Promises

Encountering God In the Prayers of Others

Ties That Bind

The Dialogue of Worship 

For Faith and Friendship    at Insight Press

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Books and Chapters in Books


Poems: Prayers and Unfinished Promises. Mossy Creek Press, Jefferson City, Tennessee: Carson-Newman University, 2015.

Encountering God in the Prayers of Others.  Paul Basden, Editor.  Cleveland, Tennessee: Parson’s Porch Books, 2014.  Contributed eight selections.

Contributor, The Book of Daily Prayer: Morning and Evening, 2000.  Kim Martin Sadler, Editor.  Cleveland, Ohio: United Church Press, 1999.

Price, Milburn and Gary Furr.  The Dialogue of Worship.  Macon, Georgia: Smyth & Helwys Press, 1998.

Co-editor with Dr. Curtis Freeman, Ties That Bind: Life Together In the Baptist Vision, Smyth and Helwys Press, May, 1994.  Author, chapter Nine, “The Road of Ashes: Prospects for Disillusioned Baptists,”  127-149.

            Chapters in Books

“Glaring Omissions:  The Pilgrim’s Redress” in For Faith and Friendship.  Fisher Humphreys, T. J. Mashburn, Richard F. Wilson, Editors.  Covington, Louisiana:  Insight Press, 2010.

“Theology, Worship and the Arts:  Dorothy Sayers and the Trinity”  Theology in the Service of the Church:  Essays in Honor of Dr. Fisher H. Humphreys.  Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 2008.

Contributing Editor, The Library of Distinctive Sermons, Gary Klingsporn, General Editor.  Sisters, Oregon: Questar Publishers, 1996-1998  10 Volumes.

Sermon Comments:

Volume 1, 1996

“I Was in the Crowd,” by Gary Whitbeck.  279-294.

“What Creates Happiness?” by Scott Walker.  75-88.

“Hide and Seek: The Celestial Game of Spiritual Quest,” by Stephen Brachlow.  119-130.

Volume 2, 1996

“A Greater Gift,” by Russell Friend-Jones.  55-68.

“God Goes Before You,” by Gary Klingsporn. 69-82.

Volume 3, 1996.

“Unnatural Compassion,” by Martin Copenhaver.  35-48.

“In a New Light,” by J. Barry Vaughn.  49-58.

Volume 4, 1997

“The Tohu Wabohu!” by Garth R. Thompson.  75-86.

Volume 5, 1997

“The Man Jesus,” by Buckner Fanning.  63-82.

“Practicing Forgiveness,” by Curtis Freeman.  183-196.

Volume 6, 1997

“How Much More?” by Richard L. Eslinger.  27-38.

“Easter Fear,” by David C. Fisher.  209-224.

Volume 7, 1997

“By Grace Alone Through Faith Alone,” by Ralph C. Wood.  165-182.

“If It Makes You Happy,” by Karen Fisher Younger.  195-208.

Volume 8, 1998

“Until We Find Our Place,” by George A. Mason.  73-86.

Published Sermons:

Volume 2, 1996

“The Lord of the Dance,” 223-236.

Volume 3, 1996

“Finding Peace,” 183-196.

Volume 4, 1997

“The Long Way Home,” 147-160.

Volume 5, 1997

“The Visit of the Magi,” 151-166.

Volume 6, 1997

“Dealing With Negative Attidues.” 225-238.

Volume 8, 1998

“Leftovers,” 99-114.

“Why I Am Still a Baptist: Walter Rauschenbusch Revisited,” in Festschrift in Honor of the Retirement of Dr. W. T. Edwards.  Birmingham, Alabama: Samford University, 1998.

“Riches Beyond the Barrier: Biblical Models for Cross-cultural Relationships,” in Many Nations Under God: Ministering to Culture Groups in America, Ele Clay, editor.  Birmingham, Alabama: New Hope, 1997, 10-18.

“Time-Starved Lives,” Families in 3D: 19 Bible Study Lessons for Adults.  Nashville: Acacia Resources, 1997, pp. 8-12.

Joel Snyder, Dan Yeary, Gary Furr and Paul Basden, Honest Numbers: Growing Churches with Integrity.  Nashville: Baptist Center for Ethics, 1995.


“After Inauguration, Churches Begin Work of Empathy.” Ethics Daily Website, Published Thursday, January 19, 2017 5:15 am. http://www.ethicsdaily.com/after-inauguration-churches-begin-work-of-empathy-cms-23861

“Being Thankful Even in Times of Great Desperation,” Ethics Daily Website, Published Wednesday, November 23, 2016 6:35 am. http://www.ethicsdaily.com/being-thankful-even-in-times-of-great-desperation-cms-23743

“Stepping Into the Drama,” Christian Reflection: Catechism.  Waco, Texas: The Center for Christian Ethics, Baylor University, 2007, 11-19.  Also available at http://www.baylor.edu/christianethics/Catechism.pdf

“Remember the Sabbatical,” Resource Center for Pastoral Excellence website, 2005 Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama,

“Touring Our Own City,”  Sustaining Pastoral Excellence website, SPE Coordinating Office,  Duke Divinity School, 2005.  http://www.divinity.duke.edu/programs/spe/articles/200511/touring.html

www.samford.edu/rcpe/ Remember_the_Sabbatical_by_Gary_Furr.pdf  Same article appears at the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence website, SPE Coordinating Office,  Duke Divinity School, 2006.  http://www.divinity.duke.edu/programs/spe/articles/200608/remember.html

“Rev. Arthur Price and Sixteenth Street Baptist Church: A Case Study Prepared by Gary Furr,”  Through a Glass Darkly: Pastoral Leadership in Black and White.  Pastoral Partners Research, Resource Center for Pastoral Excellence website, 2005 Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama, 2007.  http://www.samford.edu/rcpe/ppr.html

“Mission in the Power of the Holy Spirit, “ Dimension, Spring 2004, 4-5

“Empowered by the Spirit”,  Dimension, 34, Winter 2003-2004, 4-5.

            “From One Pastor to Another”, Dimension, 32, Summer 2002, 27.

“From One Pastor to Another”, Dimension, 32,  Spring, 2002, 19.

“Encouraging Creativity”, Dimension, 30, Summer, 2000,25-27

“From One Pastor to Another”, Dimension, Summer, 2000, 24.      “Working Together: Staying Positive in the Face of Adversity”, Dimension, Spring, 2000, 14-15.

“Working Together: Selecting Leaders”, Dimension, 30, Winter, 1999-2000, 12-13.

“From One Pastor to Another”, Dimension, 30, Winter, 1999-2000, 46.

“From One Pastor to Another”, Dimension, 29, Fall., 1999, 46.

“Working Together: Avoiding Planning Conflicts”, Dimension, 29, Fall, 1999, 10-11.

“Spiritual Guidance in the Baptist Tradition,” Presence: the Journal of Spiritual Directors International (September 1999).

“Taking Another Look at Our City”, Dimension, 29,  Summer., 1999, 25-37.

“Reconnecting the Cities:  What Churches Can Do”, Dimension, 29, Summer 1999, 22-24.

“Composing New Songs for a New City”, Dimension, 29, Spring, 1999, 26-28.

“Singing a New Song in a Foreign Land”, Dimension, 29, Winter,  1998-1999, 26-28.

“Exegeting the City”, Dimension, 29, Fall 1998, 26-27.

“Appealing to the Friendly Pagans: the Perils of the Worship Wars’—Part II,” Baptists Today, July 23, 1998, 14.

“Appealing to the Friendly Pagans: the Perils of the Worship Wars—Part I” Baptists Today, June 25, 1998.

“Intersections of Grace: Theology and Pastoral Care in the Local Parish,” The Theological Educator (Spring 1998 No. 57), 72-81.

“Prayer and Temperament: Growing in All Directions,” Discover,  26,  July-Sept 1996, 3-5.

“Making Room for Thinkers and Dreamers: Prayer and the Intuitive Temperaments,” Discover26,  Apr-June 1996, 6-8.

“Rooted and Grounded in Love: Prayer and the Sensing Temperaments,” Discover,  26, Jan-Mar 1996, 9-11.

“Maybe You’re Not the Problem!” Discover, 26, Oct-Dec 1995, 10-13

“Silent Crises: Helping Those Who Don’t Ask for Help,” Caregiving, July-September 1994, 4-5.

“The Academy for Spiritual Formation,” Skylight: A Journal of Spirituality in the Christian Tradition, Fall, 1992,  58-60.

“Discovering the World of Rural Ministry,” The Christian Ministry, 23 No. 6, November-December 1992, 10-12.

“Reality Test Can Help Rural and Small-town Ministers,” Baptists Today, September 20, 1991, 4.

“New Wineskins: Small-Town Ministry in the 1990’s,” Baptists Today, September 6, 1991, 4.

“John’s Gospel: Salvation Through God’s Son,” The Christian Index, January-March 1991.  Life and Work Sunday School Lesson Commentary.

Book Reviews

Cluster review in Perspectives in Religious Studies, 30 No. 2, Summer 2003, 217-220.

Prayers for the Lord’s Day: Hope for the ExilesBy James S. Lowry.

            The Future of Protestant Worship: Beyond the Worship Wars.

            The Word Before the PowersBy Charles L. Campbell.

            Worship: Reformed According to ScriptureBy Hughes Oliphant Old.

Everette Goodwin, Down by the Riverside: a Brief History of Baptist Faith  reviewed in EthicsDaily.com (emagazine), www.ethicsdaily.com, March 17, 2003.

Edward C. Sellner, Mentoring: The Ministry of Spiritual Kinship  in EthicsDaily.com (emagazine), www.ethicsdaily.com, November 13, 2002.

Gregg-Schroeder, Susan.  In the Shadow of God’s Wings: Grace in the Midst of Depression, in The Christian Ministry, 29, July-August 1998, 33-40.

Thomas J. Tyrrell, The Adventure of Intimacy: A Journey Through Broken Circles, in The Christian Ministry, 27 No. 1, January-February, 1996, 44-45.

Jeffrey H. Boyd, Affirming the Soul: Remarkable Conversations Between Mental Health Professionals and an Ordained Minister and Peter A. Kallelis, Pick Up Your Couch and Walk: How to Take Back Control of Your Life in The Christian Ministry, 26 No. 1,  January-February 1995, 38-39.

James B. Nelson, Body Theology, in The Christian Ministry, 24 No. 3,  May-June 1993, 32-34.

Daniel Schipani, Freedom and Discipleship, in The Christian Century, 107 No. 12, April 11, 1990, 377-378.

Don Browning, Religious Thought and the Modern Psychologies, in The Christian Scholar’s Review, 20 No. 1, September 1990, 100-103.

            Jose Comblin, The Holy Spirit and Liberation, in The Christian Century, 106 No. 31, October 25, 1989, 964-966.

Don Browning, Religious Thought and the Modern Psychologies, in Christianity Today, 33 No. 12, September 8, 1989, 33-34

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Lament for a Son, in Pulpit Digest, July/August 1989, 78-79.





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  1. Hey Gary. Loved the article on Carson Newman
    I was a member of the cafeteria family and remember when heather was born. I have no idea how I stumbled on your blog but I’m glad I did. Good articles. Sue Norman Griffith

    1. How wonderful to “hear” from you again, Sue! What a wonderful place and time. I love CN and have vowed to be a better alumni in the future for her. Hope you’re well and welcome to “The Flatpickin’ Pilgrim.” Come again often!

  2. Hi Gary,

    Your website: http://www.garyfurr.com

    Is set up to redirect to reverb.com instead of reverbnation.com. I assume it’s a mistake but wanted to let you know since we are seeing the requests hit our domain.



  3. The pilgrims learn of Madame Bubble who created the Enchanted Ground and Forgetful Green, a place in the Valley of Humiliation where the flowers make other pilgrims forget about God’s love. Christiana, Matthew, Joseph, Samuel, James, Mercy, Greatheart, Mr. Feeble-Mind, and Mr. Ready-To-Halt come to Bypath-Meadow and, after much fight and difficulty, slay the cruel Giant Despair and the wicked Giantess Diffidence, and demolish Doubting Castle for Christian and Hopeful who were oppressed there. They free a pale man named Mr. Despondency and his daughter named Much-Afraid from the castle’s dungeons.

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