A Call from Ukraine

President Zelensky tonight delivered a stunning and inspirational speech to a joint session of Congress. After too long a time of bickering and arguing in our public life, we were treated to a moment of moral clarity, born in atrocities against a suffering people. He raised our vision to see that it is not only for Ukraine but the world itself that democracy and freedom must prevail. This includes the Russian people themselves, captive to the delusions of a single tyrant.

For just the briefest moment, the room was together and the finest instincts of the American resolve stirred in defiance and determination against the repressions of evil. It was his and our chance for a finest hour yet to come. He came for what his people needed but he left us something that we needed: the call to stand up together and a reminder of our most cherished convictions.

Published by

Gary Furr

Gary is a musician, writer and Christian minister living in Alabama.