A Prayer for Simplicity

Invocation and blessing offered at the October 8, 2019 meeting of the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce by Dr. Gary Furr, Pastor, Vestavia Hills Baptist Church. 

God Almighty,

The complexity of these times overwhelm us–

too much information, too many problems,

too much acrimony and division,

too many words spoken thoughtlessly.


Grant us true simplicity

to see ourselves truthfully

to give our hearts freely

to see others lovingly

to make our decisions faithfully

to speak our words with clarity

and honesty and purpose.

Thank you for our community

and for our neighbors in this room and all neighbors

who make our community a place we love.

Remind us to choose our words wisely

to bless and not curse

to give thanks and not com


to help rather than to blame one another

to pray but also to put feet to our prayers.

For the families of our town and all the earth we ask strength and hope.

We remember the poor, we thank you for abundance we can share

and for this meal we share and those who prepared it

we are most grateful.

Bless our city leaders and leaders everywhere

Grant wisdom and character across the world,

The courage to speak, and the courage to listen.

In Your name we pray.  Amen.

Chamber meeting

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Gary Furr

Gary is a musician, writer and Christian minister living in Alabama.

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