Visitor to Virgin Pines

Scene from the movie

I have dipped my first toe into soundtrack creation for a movie.  My bandmate, Greg Womble, has written and produced a beautiful short Christmas film and is in the final edit stage of his short Christmas film, “Visitor to Virgin Pines.”

Our band was invited to do music for it, and I have to say, it is one of the most interesting undertakings I have ever done.  Mostly late at night, I sat with a banjo, guitar, mandolin, even percussion, and tried to create “moods” for scenes.  I have enormous appreciation for what people who do this face.  And yet, it is joy to do it.  I came up with some really nice instrumental stuff, not all of it chosen for the musical, but which may land in a Christmas CD.  Here’s a piece I did on the banjo called “Sugarplum Ferries” (yes, I know.  I spelled it the way I wanted to–I had the image of little boats going back and forth loaded with goodies).   “Sugarplum Ferries”

We decided to have a screening at the church on Wednesday evening, December 19 at 5 pm, in the adult conference room open to anyone, including a time of dialogue with actors and a discussion about the film.  Here is the trailer, less than a minute long.  I was really taken with the quality of Greg’s work.  Melanie Rodgers and I did the soundtrack music for this clip.  Thought you all might like to see it.  If you’re here, hope you will come and see it before dinner and the service that night.


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